Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Our first day of Tech

Hi this is Kathryn. We've just went to our first tech lesson, I was doing cooking and Matthew was doing Hard materials. We cooked muffins from scratch, and we each made different flavours of muffins. I made first made vanilla and chocolate muffins with dried apricots inside (super yummy!) second we made double chocolate muffins (also super yummy!) third we made cheese and onion muffins (:P) I didn't eat any!

We had to take a bus to get to the other school, so we had to get to school earlier than normal. We almost missed it as we forgot about getting there early until the last minute. It had already picked up kids from the other school that go on the same day we do, and then it picked us up, and then we went to the school where we do the tech classes. Here's a picture of the result after getting them home - they got a bit squashed, especially since I had to take them out of the oven before they were fully cooked.

We rotate subjects every four lessons, so next term we'll be doing something different. Our class has three kids from the other school and three from ours. Matthew's class has eleven kids, but I'm not sure if any more people are coming in their class. We get to go swimming at the other school too, there is a morning tea and a lunch, which both have breaks after which we get to play on their enormous playground. We get to swim just before lunch.

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