Friday, 22 April 2016

Getting settled

Well, we are now in our own house with our own furniture again. The furniture won't all fit in, so some is being stored for later times (but we did get 21 of our 23 Billy bookcases in :)).

Our house in Austin sold nice and quickly with only a little bit of fuss, so we don't have to worry about that any more which is nice.

It's hard to see in the photos but it's built on a hill, so the driveway is slightly steep (the delivery truck kept grounding out trying to get up the driveway to deliver our furniture), and the ground level goes up a story between the front and the back of the house. So that deck on the upper level at the side (that you can't really see because it's behind the tree) comes out almost on the ground at the back.

The deck. You can see at the far end the open door from the lounge. In the middle is the windows in the stairwell (the one you can't see is almost to ground level). Then finally at the back is our bedroom, with another door out to the deck. And underneath the top of Kathryn's room.

The back garden - no grass to mow at all.

We have one neighbour on almost the same level as us, but everyone else is different, mostly below, so it feels reasonably private even though we're not that far away.

And inside:

The lounge which is open plan with the dining room. The top of the stairs are coming up on the right hand side, and the view is out to the deck.

This doorway is to the right of the stairs and leads to the master bedroom and upstairs bathroom. All the doors to the left are the hotwater/linen cupboard.

The narrow and sharply bent stairs - getting a fridge up there was a mission, especially since there was only one delivery guy so I had to help him.

At the bottom of the stairs looking in from the front door - that's Kathryn's bedroom straight ahead, and the downstairs bathroom to the left. Matthew's door is directly opposite Kathryn's (you could just see his windows through the lower part of the tree in the first photo). Kathryn's room is built into the hillside and under the deck and it's always cold. Upstairs gets sun all day and overheats.

And just for fun a couple of mushroom colonies growing in the backyard.

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