Monday, 9 May 2016

One Tree Hill

We had a great time at One Tree Hill on ANZAC day (a public holiday here in NZ and in Australia), there was a bit of a chill in the wind, but it was still a beautiful day. We spent most of the afternoon down at the foot of the hill near the Greenlane Road entrance to Cornwall Park with friends celebrating a birthday. Later on as the sun was setting we went up to the top and saw the spire close up (and the hole that was the tree once upon a time), and then down into the crater where the kids played with the rock words.

The earthen ledges that you can see in some of the photos are the remains of the Maori Pa that used to be on the hill.

They have sheep and cows on the hill - so the city folk know what the rest of the country is like :p

See Rangitoto in the background - it shows up a lot of places

You can see the Sky Tower and downtown to the left of the background, and North Head (where we were last week) is at the base of Rangitoto on the right

Facing the airport - the small white blob in the center is a plane coming in to land.

The crater is just to the right of this photo - I couldn't get a good photo of the crater from above as that was the direction the sun was setting.

The crater, where people write messages with the volcanic rocks left behind

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